Irisu Syndrome! for Windows

Irisu Syndrome is an "instant-death" physics-based puzzle game.
Destroy the colorful falling blocks to keep from drowning.
You can read a review of this game here.
There is NO official English patch for this game.
However, you can find a language patch made by players if you google it.
downloadDownload(Free, for Windows)

Love Mochi for Windowsfor iOS

"Love Mochi" is a fun, simple puzzle game.
Line the sweets up to make them disappear.
Solve the puzzles and enjoy the story of Ai, the sweet-toothed main character.
The iOS version contains an English-language option, but the Windows version is available in Japanese only.

downloadDownload($0.99, for iOS)
downloadDownload(Free, for Windows, Japanese only)

Demon King Chronicle for Windows

Discover the secrets behind the Demon King Chronicle, a mysterious unfinished book.
Explore the mysterious island and find the end of the chronicle.
"Demon King Chronicle" is a simple, concise and fast-paced 2D RPG.
You will enjoy the game if you love pixel graphics 2D RPGs and traditional "hack and slash" gameplay.

downloadDownload(Free, for Windows, currently Japanese only)

miscellaneous for Windows

These are old games(Free, for Windows, Japanese only).